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Stubborn algae

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This algae has been haunting me for a while now. It can easily be removed with a toothbrush - basically combed out from hairgrass or Java Moss:

My tanks are 2-3 wpg, CO2 is at least 20, I dose Fe and Traces but no P and N. Not many fish.

The tanks get very little algae on the front glass but the algae pictured above are always present.

Any experiences?

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Edward said:
Sgtreef said:
Has anybody tried to use RO or RODI water to combat it?
RO water does not kill it.

The algae divides into small fragments on touch, floating and spreading all over the tank creating more infestation. Water movement is making the situation worse. One option to avoid spreading is to suck it with hose and dispose.

What about creating conditions for the algae to grow faster. High CO2 and Fe/TE. Then keep sucking it up until there is no single piece left. Anybody tried?

Maybe we will have to find a specific herbicide to remove this alien from our aquariums. This seems to be the last thing to make the hobby perfect.

Have just started the Tooth brush thing,now hope the old lady don't find out why her brush tastes a little fishy :roll:
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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