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Can I silicone a divider to the front of my tank without the "bar" that is supposed to hold it in place? The bar that the divider I was going to use comes with is a bit over an inch thick and bright blue, but I figure if I could silicone it in, that it should look less obnoxious in the tank, but would it be too flimsy if I did it that way?

Also, with DIY co2 vs. excel, I've read that on a tank bigger than 20 gallons that excel is usually too costly in the long run, and that 29 is about the limit on diy. BUT since the tank is going to be divided, would I be able to get good distribution or would I need to try to keep 2 bottles up and running? I can't use really strong flow in the tank since it has bettas in it, so I'm afraid that it wouldn't get through the divider into the other side well. Here's the dumb part: If I was to just use one bottle, is there any way to split it reliably between the two sides of the tank? I might put a powerhead on each side for flow, since I'm pretty sure I need the water movement to get the ferts and co2 mixed in the water, right?
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