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I love this concept steven. Im curiouse of a few things.........
The first is have you any idea how this will progress with regards how tall/big the plants will grow?
Will they grow far to large and spoil the arrangement?
How will you controle this? is this is an isue?
Are you suplimenting the lighting, ferts etc?
What is the water you have used RO, Tap ar rain?
How will you control algea on the glass and decrotive sand?
Will there be any filtration?

This Wabi-Kusa is very cool, but is it alot of work to maintain the feeling the concept is suposed to prevoke? Is that the point? Is it on the line of the art of bonsai, with out the time and paitiance you are not rewarded. Or is it a concept that once set up, will tend to its self?

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