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Hey Everybody,

This may seem like a silly question, but it's an honest one....:rolleyes:

I've had an on-going Ca/Mg issue for about 3 yrs now. It doesn't matter what kind of water I've used (hard tap, RO, RODI, Distilled) and it's been in every setup--regardless of size or anything else. Long story short: K Excess.
Finally, I've sorted it out and things are better....or getting there.

Problem is: Healthy Crypt leaves look different throughout the genus. Some have rippled edges, some don't, etc. So, sadly after all this time--I'm kinda wondering what a Good, really Healthy Crypt wendtii leaf actually looks like! Sad I know.....:pray:.., but I want to finish getting this sorted out and finally achieve true can only be truly shown by Healthy, Quality leaves.

Can someone please take a minute or 3 and link me to some good pix that show what really healthy C. wendtii leaves look like.....? Please? :) May also seem dumb, but C. wendtii is quite variable these, do the leaves (shape, etc) all pretty much look the same.....?

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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