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You asked how deep it has to be for glosso to grow as a minimum. Half an inch will do fine for glosso only. However, I did recommend a deeper substrate if you plan on adding other plants.

3 inches is towards the the deeper end of substrate thickness. Most people tend to keep substrates between 1-2.5 inches so anywhere in that range will be fine for stem plants etc...

If you plan on having heavy root feeders like water lilies or amazon swords then a deep 3 inch substrate might be in order.

Deep substrates tend to become anaerobic. Anaerobic conditions mean a lack of oxygen that plants need to grow. Hydrogen sulfide is produced by bacteria in anaerobic conditions that can kill fish and plants. Now I am not suggesting that aquasoil will become anaerobic in a three inch layer, but fine sand and soil will. Just a bit to think about.

A substrate that is anywhere between 1 and 2.5 inches is ideal for most aquarium plants (I use 2 inch substrates in all my tanks). If you are only growing glosso then half an inch is fine since it doesn't form roots more than half an inch long.

Since you are using aquasoil, which isn't the cheapest substrate out there, you can add 2 inches and be fine. Three inches will work too, but it will be more expensive.

Hope this helps you decide.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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