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I am starting a another tank 29G and I am doing the DIY substate. Here is what I have in the tank from the bottom layer to the top

-peat (2in)
-sand (lightly covering the peat)
-topsoil (1in)
-litter (1in - might be scented)
-topsoil (.5in)

I filler the tank up last night, extremely cloudy. There is no filter. Just substrate and water. So I know it will not clear up until I get the filtration setup. But I am worried about the litter. So this morning I bought a penquin filter and some UNscented litter. I am willing to redo the whole thing tonight with the right litter.

My question is regarding the TOPSOIL. Is it bad to have this mix ontop? Will the tank be to hard to scape in the future if I do not add a heavier layer ontop?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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