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Substrate smells in the next day

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I continue have trouble growing plants using potting soil (Walstad method) in my new tank. so I set up a small jar with the soil I plan to use in my 29 gallon aquarium, but plants are not working as expected, I see little growth. So I continue to do the experiment to see how the soil behaves with couple more jars (some of the plants used: sagittaria, vallisneria, water wisteria, limnophila sessiliflora, etc.,), and noticed the substrate started to smell next day itself within few days smell increases, but no smell in the water. I did the experiment with very thin layer of gravel (to make sure cap is not causing any issues), and 1/2 inch soil. I did not see any major growth in those jars.

I did not take photos to post. Soil is 100 % organic soil, and no chemical fertilizer added. I checked with manufacturer before buying. Is there anything wrong with the soil? Does substrate smell within a day? I believe smelly substrate causing poor plant growth.

Attached photo of my soil ingredients.

Should I try different soil?

Thanks in advance!


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Terrific! Your tank should be an inspiration to everyone.
Fish look good, too!
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Wowee! Great plant growth.
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