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Suggest a lense?

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I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-H7 8.1 maga pixel camera. Im considering buying a macro lense for it so I can take pictures of my shrimp. As far as what lense to get im sorta lost, so can someone more educated on the subject recomend a lense for me. The pictures are just for my own amusement and dont have to be the best macro shots ever, so I dont necessarily want a real expensive lense. More or less one that will get the job done. Im just looking to pick up a little more detail in the shrimp. Any ideas?
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Looking on the web about your camera. From what I have found here

It may be more about your settings then needing a new lens. Does Sony make adapters for that camera?

To get details in macro shots you need light so that your camera can use a fast shutter and shoot at a low ISO
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