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I have heard various theories on that. they were found in other ponds and the "endangered" thing was possibly put in place by the one who found them to sort of slow down their capture as well as keep his prices jacked up.

They are definately low to middle fish. They tend to hide in plants alot making them sort of hard to see. they are extremely exquisit fish. I have 4 and I intend to breed them as soon as my betta has vacated the tank that I got for that purpose.

they are still somewhat expensive. I paid 5.99 each.(canadian dollar). I had trouble finding what to feed them. they seem to prefer live food. I have been giving them seed shrimp that seem to thrive unchecked in my shrimp tank. They also eat small frozen blood worm fragments.

They definately like planted tanks. My nano is extremely small, (just over a liter) I would like to get it larger, but for now, the fish appear to be quite happy in it. But I would strongly recommend something a bit larger.

Also please forgive me and my typing errors... I hate this keyboard with a fraggin' passion.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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