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I would appreciate it if the Fertilator Team would include a listing of the approximate mass for one teaspoon/tablespoon of each chemical listed.

Thank you.
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Dear CS,

The densities and weights listed in the following web page are what we have for data so far. and densities of chemicals (1 tablespoon)

See the eighth entry from the top "Approximate weights and densities". As soon as we get more information from other people the sooner we can upgrade the information. Do you have any weights and densities you can give us? We need to have the samples for one level tablespoon (14.79 ml volume) weighed on an accurate scale.

Unfortunately I can't afford to go out and buy a sample of everything.

Steve Pituch
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Thank you very much Steve. The referenced link or the associated info would be IMHO tremendously useful if placed somewhere on the Fertilator page.

I unfortunately do not have access to a scale so I won't be able to contribute. Apologies.
I can do weights of KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4, Epsom Salts, Greg Watson's CSM+B, & Manganese Sulfate.

I just gotta pick up a 100g weight to calibrate my digital scale. (Don't ever beleive them when they say it's calibrated from factory & you won't have to touch it, RIP most of my KNO3)
Hi Daemonfly,

My digital scale came with a 50 g and 100 g weight. Yes if you could carefully measure the chemicals several times it would be appreciated. We are looking for the weights of chemicals in a level tablespoon, meaning you need to level the chemicals with a straight edge before weighing. We also need a description of the chemical as to the amount of grainularity (fine powder, like sugar, etc), and a decription of the source (Greg Watson, Walmart brand, etc). We have found quite a variance in densities and granularity with some chemicals.

Steve Pituch
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