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I'm new here and I've already recieved some excellent advice toward setting up my new 72 gallon bow front aquarium. I'm now looking to set up.

If anyone has/knows a good place to get drtiftwood I'm looking for a root section large enough to encompass the majority og my 72G tank. I's like to create lots of cover by doing this. I will also consider smaller pieces that I might be able to combine to get the same effect.

Also, does anyone happen to know a good place to buy flourite substrate and schultz aquatic plant soil inexpensively? (really trying everything here on a tight budget).

If anyone who happens to read this will be selling a canister filter or lighting system or rocks that they feel might be able to accomodate my system please let me know, as i said, I'm looking into all my options.

Thanks again people.:p
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Re: Donations/Suggestions/Deals

Newt has some 48" lighting in the Buy & Sell.

I have a used glass canopy for a 72g bowfront if you are interested. Don't know if you saw my other message.

Try and get a huge canister since you will have a lot of big fish.

I get fluorite at the LFS (local fish store). I don't think you want to pay for shipping.

I also have some rubber worms in case you don't have a net big enough for the bass. :)
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In my area the cheapest place to get schultz aqua soil is home depot. Fluorite cost about the same no matter where I find it. The thing about about aqua soil is it is light weight. If you are looking for rocks look around your own area, to test them you can use vinegar and if they bubble it is a door stop. If the rock passes the vinegar test then check the ph in your water as it comes from the tap then soak the rock a few weeks and see if the ph has changed.
For driftwood try
Re: Donations/Suggestions/Deals

I have a used glass canopy for a 72g bowfront if you are interested. Don't know if you saw my other message.

Thanks Vancat but I have a glass lid that came already with my tank. When you say canopy, do you mean something different from the regular lid?

As for the flourite, my local store wants a whopping $24.99 a bag. has it for 15. Shipping for 7 or so bags might still wind up being a better deal.
The "glass canopy" is just thick panes of glass that fit the top of the tank EXACTLY. There are 2 (left and right sides of the tank) and they each have hinges so the front opens up.

Like this

only the front is shaped like the bowfront. And there are 2 because you have a brace in the middle.

Then you just sit your lights on top of it. Maybe it's what you already have.

Maybe you could ask your store for a discount on the Fluorite since you will be buying multiple bags? Perhaps they'd rather sell it cheaper that not sell it at all. Can't hurt to ask.
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