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Dear aquatic lovers, could you please advise if the following soil is suitable for a Walstad tank: Terra Aquatica Organic soil light-mix 50L.

The description of the soil is following: T.A Organic soil light-mix - Terra Aquatica

Terra Aquatica Organic Soil Light-Mix 50 l, organic substrate
Light soil mixture for indoor and outdoor cultivation with low EC. Organic Soil Light-Mix with perlite from Terra Aquatica (ex GHE) does not contain any peat, but a mixture of organic compost and wood and coconut fiber of premium quality. It promotes mutual symbiosis between roots and beneficial fungi (Trichoderma Harzianum).

It is known that peat extraction releases carbon into the atmosphere, in addition to devastating rare communities of various organisms. That's why Terra Aquatica has taken a more natural path.

Packaging and labeling Food Font Electric blue Personal care

Advantages of the organic substrate Terra Aquatica Soil Light-Mix
  • suitable for beginners and commercial growers
  • ideal combination with a range of Terra Aquatica Organic fertilizers
  • perfectly airy thanks to the added perlite
  • with a minimum carbon content
  • without a negative impact on the environment in the form of peat extraction
  • ideally retains water and oxygen
  • minimum shrinkage between waterings
My concern is that the soil contains coconut fiber, perlite, and other wood particles. Is it an issue? Thank you in advance.
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