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Hi everyone! I am a member that just joined the Planted Tank forums. I am not new to the hobby of fish and shrimp keeping but I just had a few questions on this particular type of fish and my water parameters.

I recently went to a LFS and purchased 4 Sundadanio axelrodi (did not do prior research just saw them and was inclined to buy them for some reason). I thought that they would be perfect for my shrimp setup. Unfortunately when I got home I looked up the conditions they preferred and saw that they "REQUIRE a low ph and low water hardness"? I live an area with relatively hard water and high pH from the tap water we have. Ph is around 7.4-7.6 and the gH and kH are 11 and 12 respectively...

So long question short, should I ask to return these 4 or should I just stick it out and see how they do? They seem to be very active and swimming around fine right now, I am just worried for their future in this tank with the relatively hard water and high ph tap. Please let me know and thank you in adavance!

These ones:
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