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Super cool~ Hemianthus callitrichoides & Eriocaulon cine

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The growing specs.....

-Florabase gravel w/ Flourish tabs (the Eriocaulon and HC are big on root ferts)
-R/O water with some tap water mixed in...I think the KH is about 2 and the pH is below 7
-ferts~ Flourish, Botanica FE, Fleet Enema and stump remover (I need to fix my dosing schedule because my Ludwigias are not happy)
-lots of co2 and lots of light 3.2-4.8 wpg

Both of them are really easy to grow, if I showed what I started with you wouldn't believe it.

I go to UCI Tony, I thought you knew that.

Ya, I am a different guy.

Litesky - the shrimps are doing great!! they are gigantic now! It is nice to have true Amano shrimp instead of those ones some of the fishstores advertise as them.
The amanos I have are awesome they are like little algae bulldozers, they are worth every penny.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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