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But at some point, in older tanks, the aquarium becomes stable. This happens with or without EI. If you setup a planted tank and ignore it for a year, leaving algae to grow as they please, plants to grow or not grow, and only change water once in a blue moon or top-off after a year you will have a stable tank anyway.

And if you have followed EI you will tend to believe it works and it made your tank stable.

Wow. I believe it. I had a a 46 gallon bowfront for years, that was easy to care for and then transferred everything into a 57 gallon with better dimensions. The substrate, filter, lights, etc... stayed the same but, all of a sudden had algae I hadn't seen in years. Now after 4 months, it's starting to stabilize. Maybe its a function of time more than methodology. I had used EI, then went to PPS Pro a month or two before the transfer. I am now using PPS Pro recipe but with double traces and higher kh2po4 as a result of deficiencies. Hey I was happy that I didn't lose any fish.

Thanks Niko for this post. It explains alot of things for me.
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