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I've got some trimming to do again. I only accept Paypal or Revolution Money as payment. Shipping is $6.00 for USPS Priority mail for any amount of plants. I plan to ship plants on Saturday and Monday. I will guarantee live arrival of any plants minus the shipping costs if provided with a DOA picture of the plants within 3 hours of their receipt.

Here's the list...

Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Araguaia' - $5.00 / stem (PENDING) This super rare Ludwigia resembles Ludwigia 'Cuba' in coloration, but has thinner leaves and a smaller diameter similar in size to that of Ludwigia 'Pantanal'.

Rotala mexicana 'Green' - $10.00 / stem (several available) This super rare Rotala hails from Australia and is a true green variety of mexicana. It is seen in the picture in the background and a few stems are in the foreground of the picture amongst some stems of Ludwigia 'Araguaia'.

Mesanthemum sp. 'Africa' (aka Eriocaulon sp. 'Africa) - $10.00 / plant (2 available) It's one of the easier ones to keep and gets about 12" tall or so making for a nice grassy backround type plant. It's the one in the back right of this scape.

Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Dwarf' - $4.00 / plant (stays shorter for spiralis ~ 12" tall)(PENDING)

Java fern 'Trident' - $15.00 / 2-3" of rhizome w/ 7-8 leaves (several available)

Elecharis sp. 'Belem' - $10.00 / 10 nodes (small portion of a rare plant)(grows curled downward a bit like Elecharis sp. 'Japan' and stays very short)(SOLD)

Anubias barteri var. nana 'Narrow Leaf' - $4.00 / 3" rhizome w/ 7-8 leaves (2 available)

Tawain Moss - $3.00 / golfball size portion (1 available)

Rotala hippuris - $5.00 / 8 stems (2 available)
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