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Super Red Cherries!!! Fs

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Well after finally finishing a large project for my Boss I am ready to start shipping these guys out again!! Since there was some controversy over my last sale I am going to cover my rear if you know what I mean. I will be shipping shrimp that are at an optimal size for shipping!! Sorry this is so vague but some people have differing opinions of what an 1/8" these can be very small but they are large enough for me to catch so they aren't microscopic. I am going to sell these in packages of 15 shrimp for $25.00 I will cover the priority shipping costs. I ship in an insulated box with kordon breather bags and moss for them to hold onto in transit. All shipments are guaranteed to arrive alive!! All DOA's must be reported within 2 hrs of the USPS telling me they were delivered. Here are the picks hope you enjoy!! I forgot to mention paypal only but credit cards are excepted

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These cherries are insanely red. Too bad I don't have a shrimp only tank.
I'm confused (and a newbie) about the size listed. Are these smaller than usual shrimps or they are babies and will grow or.... ?
1/8" is young shrimp. good size for shipping. they grow up really fast.
thanks everyone. yes they are juvi's and will grow
saram they arent my shrimp theyre dodgefreaks ;) ask him

btw clear your pm box :D
I actually sent the pm to you this time dodgefreak :)
Wanted to know if you had any left. PM sent
at least 3 more packages of 15 available.
Got my shrimp yesterday and they all look great, no DOA. I even received a berried shrimp. Thanks
all sold for now. I will know if I have more tuesday. thanks
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