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Survey: water column fertilization etc

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Hi All,
I would be grateful if you all could take a minute to fill out a little survey, even if for no other reason but to humour me I am trying to get a handle on micro,macro and trace fertilization and just wanted to check if there might be a rule hidden underneath it all. The attempt is to get water parameters from people who have stable (tanks not overrun with algae and no major weekly algae removal needed), unstable (algae being a pain in the ummm back) and moderately stable (no major algae problems but moderate mechanical or chemical removal weekly). If you could just indicate your tank parameters in the following manner that would be great:

1) Tank volume (an estimate on the effective water volume is fine)
2) Tank stable/unstable/moderately stable
3) No. of 10g tanks your stem plants would fill
4) Macro levels in ppm - Nitrates, Potassium, Phosphate
5) Daily macro consumption in ppm - Nitrates, Potassium, Phosphate
6) Daily Macro dosage in ml N,K,P
7) Daily Iron dosage in ml
8) Daily Micro and trace dosage
9) Lighting - total watts and K
10) Daily CO2 levels in ppm

1) Tank volume: Effective water volume is less than the rated volume of the tank. eg: the effective water volume in a 10g tank would be ~8.5g due to substrate etc.
3) Just an additonal parameter, an estimate is more than sufficient, the analysis will be at least more accurate than not considering plants at all.
4) The macro levels in ppm in your tank
5) An estimate is more than sufficient, you can extrapolate or make a guesstimate. Eg: if you need to dose N daily to maintain 10ppm and you dose to raise the ppm by say 5 then daily consumption of N is 5ppm.
6, 7 and 8) In ml how much do you dose daily, if you do not dose daily guess on the daily dosage, eg 3ml of KNO3 3 times a week would be roughly 1.3ml per day.
I have deliberately neglected fauna load (their influence should reflect on your dosing)

Do not worry about what specific kind of algae problems you have, even if you are battling to keep spot algae out of your front glass and scrub it once a week, the tank is moderately stable, even if you have no other algae problem. Also, the survey is mirrored on the PlantedTank forums, just so I have a large set of unique datapoints, please fill the survey once. Also, any ideas into improving the survey(have I skipped some important parameter) will be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I hope there is some science involved in this whole dosing thing and its not just uninformed guesswork.
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