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Switching from Salt Water... Help

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Hi, I am a newbie here. I just stopped by my local ADA store here in San Francisco, and I am thinking about giving up my saltwater tank to start a iwagumi style tank. I definitely want a ADA tank, probably the 90x45x45 setup. However, the guys at the store told me it would take about $3-5k minimum to get the tank setup like I would want. Can I get a tank setup for cheaper? I really want the ADA tank, nice stylish MH lights, and a beautiful stand. I also need a really quiet filter (my current salt water tank is way too loud). Can I do it for around $2K or less? I like this type of tank:

Also, is the maintenance easier for a planted tank than a saltwater tank? Have any of you had sps saltwater tanks? I need a little easier maintenance now that I have a baby. Any advice for a newbie?

If I don't get an ADA tank, I will be buying an Elos mini and doing a very simple saltwater tank with some nice LED lights and maybe zoanthids. Thanks!
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First, let me welcome you to apc. Yes, you can do it a lot cheaper than $4K, though, imo it will cost you more than $500, unless you go 'garage sale' route.

I've never kept a salt water tank, but maintenance can be as little as topping due to evaporation if you go the 'el natural' type tank, to weekly maintenance where you do partial water changes/re-fills, or daily to tweak and prune and meticulously maintain, if you're so inclined.

Here's a couple of references which might help you:
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