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I'm Jenn from Lebanon. I worked in graphic and web design before becoming a work-at-home mom of 2 rascals who seem to have boundless energy and a million activities. Life is hectic enough so I don't know why I'm stuck on planted tanks. I love gardening so maybe this is a natural progression.

I had no interest in aquaria, in fact tried to get rid of my husband's only 40g, until my son brought home 3 black mollies from preschool and 1 of them got sucked into an uncapped filter. Naturally, I had to replace the fish which then spawned many little babies which led me into learning more about how to care for them, more fish, more tanks, more online time and eventually, happened upon a glorious picture of a planted tank and got addicted. I am constantly downsizing while keeping an eye out for new and cool plants and gadgets. I suppose that's addiction. So, here I am, only 3 years out from those darn mollies.

I've had a 20H with 2x DIY CO2 & HOB for a little over a year now and been trying to upgrade to a 60L planted. I also have 1 shrimp tank and 2 non-planted. I want to eventually convert them all to planted. I'm a light weight and don't plan to have 30 tanks so please don't lure me into it with those mega strong and well-organized, well labeled racks.

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