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I'm selling stems that are rooted
Crowns are young adult to adult width, these are not adult stems see pic 2 right side representative of that full on bushes. Pic 1 and 2 [left of bush]is stems size receiving
There are choppy leaf here and there this is due to snails
Plants are completely clean of algae
Pests:snails, detritus worms

Price: $5 per stem, this is cheapest I've seen
Minimum though is x5 stems
Shipping is $9 small flat rate

Tank info
Pure ro
Remineralized with salty shrimp gh booster
Gh unknown right now, I'll measure tomorrow
Kh real close to zero
Co2 I'm getting around a .9 drop
Dosing is prob in pmdd range, I cant measure but there is always a reset by water change
Key point, with good syngonanthus parameters, not this exact tank, then mostly u just have to keep the plant clean, this may require manual stuff


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