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Synodontis eupterus

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Not sure where to post this, but I guess here is as good as any. I have four tanks and two of them house one of each of these. I have noticed that when ever I try to get duckweed to grow in either of the tanks housing this fish it just disappears in a short time. 1 to 3 days. The other two tanks I can hardly keep it under control it grows so fast. The only fish that is common to the non growing duckweed tanks is the Eupterus. I know they are not supposed to be a veggy eating fish, but can find no other reason for the disappearing duckweed. Since they only come out during the night much and that is when it disappears I was curious if anyone else has duckweed and wants to get rid of it they might try one of these fish. I don't mean they thin it out....The duckweed and any remains are gone completely in a matter of hours sometimes. I'm tempted to move one of the fish to my duckweed infested tanks and see if they can eliminate it as quickly. All I gotta do is catch one of these buggers.8-[
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Gee, I should try that. It sort of makes sense since I have some very similar to the eupterus (in fact they were sold to me as eupterus) in one of my tanks and the duckweed always disappears right away.

Thanks for the tip.
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