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I have used this diatomaceous earth filter on and off for a year of two to get rid of green water when it crops up as a result of my miscalculated fertilizer dosing. The filter works very efficiently. Cleaning a tank of green water quickly using the S1 has allowed me to correct the dosing problem. Although you can do a 2-3 day black-out to kill off green water, something that is free of charge, I prefer to correct the problem quickly with the S1 so that I can continue to enjoy viewing the aquarium.

I like the S1's portability. Load the jar with diatomaceous earth powder and let it run. Make sure the motor does not overheat. This filter is not meant for continuous running.

If your aquarium is 30 US gallons or smaller, you will have to make sure the water flowing under pressure out of the filter does not gouge a hole in your aquarium's substrate. I have adapted my S1 outflow to run into a small plastic cup to avoid this problem.

The S1 does not need priming. Simply switch it on and the pressurized filter will draw water in from the aquarium.

I regard the S1 as an essential tool in the Aquarium Doctor's "black bag."

Andrew Cribb

ProsPortable, potent diatom filter
Would you recommend?yes
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