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System One Diatom Filter-- good advice

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Hi all,
Just thought I'd pass this on so it doesn't happen to you, too.
Last night I hooked up my System One to try and take care of my GDA issue. I put it on the tank & turned it on, and the jar began to drip from the top once it filled up. I was lazy. Instead of taking it off, unscrewing it and making sure everything was OK and re-screwing it back on, I just tried to tighten it as it was. It still dripped, so I put a container under it to catch the drips.

When I went to put it away after use a few hours later, I couldn't get the jar unscrewed for anything! I tried and tried (and sweated and swore). I was so angry (and had no choice) so I had to cut the jar off (luckily I had a spare jar!). Once I cut the majority of the jar off (and it wasn't easy), I could see that the O-ring was not seated right and this was the cause of it all. I was able to grab the O-ring (since I had cut most of the jar off) and pull it out gently. Only then was I able to unscrew the remainder of the jar.

Moral of the story: if it's dripping, probably the O-ring is not seated properly. Do NOT keep tightening! Unscrew it, fix the O-ring and retighten! I guess I forgot about the O-ring since I only use the thing a few times a year.
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