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T-Shirt Contest Open!

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APC is proud to announce a T-shirt design contest! Something you can wear to show you are a plant geek! Wear it to your local club meetings, your local fish store, the grocery store to show your love of aquatic plants, and best of all the AGA convention in Atlanta to help identify yourself!


1. You must be a member of APC
2. You can only submit 1 design
3. The design must be your own original unpublished work and must not contain any third-party logos, trademarks or copyright material.
5. If a photograph is used you must own the rights to the photo.
4. The entrants retain all copyright to their submissions, but grant APC an exclusive right to display the submissions on the website and to print t-shirts and other merchandise using the design(s).

Design Criteria
• Be creative! Design a Tee folks would be proud to wear!
• We recommend that you include a small design for the front of the shirt and a larger design on the back of the shirt. The formats below are only a recommendation. Other original concepts will be allowed.
• Front design should be no smaller than 2x2 inches, and no larger than 4x4 inches
• Back design should be no smaller than 10x10 inches, and no larger than 12x12 inches
• Design can be an image, text, or a combination of both
• DPI must be a minimum of 150 ppi (pixels per inch)
• Files must be submitted in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF format
• T-shirts to be printed on colored Tees should be in PNG format. Refer to this link to see how to
convert it and why:
• Design must be submitted by 12:00 a.m. est September 14, 2008

How it Works:
• Create your design and email it to APC_shirt at
• APC staff will conduct the first round of judging to select the top 6 designs.
The top 6 entries will be chosen based on:
o originality of the design
o attractiveness of the design
o the extent to which the design best illustrates what APC is about
o all entries must be appropriate and of high quality; APC staff holds the right to eliminate entries of poor quality or offensive nature.

• These designs will be posted on APC and the forum members will vote on their favorite design. You determine the winner!

Your Reward:
1st Place Winner:
• 50.00 prize
• A free APC T-shirt with your design!
• Worldwide recognition of being the creator of the first APC T-shirt!
2nd and 3rd place winners:
• A free APC T-Shirt with your design.

After the final design is chosen, the top three T-shirt designs will be available for purchase!

If you have any questions about design criteria, this company will be printing the Tee-shirts:

Refer to their design standards if you have further questions. Or post here and I will assist you.

Good Luck! We are looking forward to some AWESOME Tees!
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No replies yet? I thought for sure everyone would be excited about this contest. :D
What t-shirt style is APC planning to purchase from zazzle? I'd like to know what color swatches to use in case I can find the time to put something together for this contest.

By the way, I don't think it was mentioned on the original post, but the zazzle t-shirt styles and color swatches are available here in case anyone is interested.
Whenever you go to zazzle you can pick whatever T-shirt you want, whatever color as well. Just make sure your design is converted to PNG so its transparent
Well, first of all, when I see "Tee Shirt Contest" my eyes automatically add "Wet" in front of it. So, it has taken me awhile to adjust to my disappointment.

Then, it does take time, and quite a bit of it, to design a logo.

So, don't be disappointed by the lack of response so far.
LOL Hoppy! ;)

With all of the talented members here, I'm sure there are going to be some nice ones.

There's plenty of time to work on them, so it could just be one of those fun projects to work on when time allows.
Well, first of all, when I see "Tee Shirt Contest" my eyes automatically add "Wet" in front of it. So, it has taken me awhile to adjust to my disappointment.
LMAO Hoppy! :D Being for an aquatic plant theme, you could call it wet. :)
Yeah, well, I won't mention what sorts of things I came across when I did a google search for "T-shirt contest" when looking for the graphic in the announcement.
My submission has been sent. Enjoy! :D
I wouldn't consider myself talented enough to do a design, but I can't wait to buy an APC T-shirt! This is a really great idea!
Hoppy and Bryce - LOL! You guys kill me! Even after 30 yrs of marriage I'm still learning the innuendos! It takes a guy to go there...... (its' genetic!) :D
I can't wait to buy one! Some of us might look better in these than others after a really hardcore water change:eyebrows:
As a woman, I definitely would never have thought of 'wet' for the 't-shirt contest' phrase either. :fish:
Alright, as a design guy myself i'll jump into the loop and try to create a nice design for you guys.
Just take it easy on the rest of weekend warriors. :D
Some nice designs! Looking forward to seeing even more!
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