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T-Shirt Contest Winners Announced

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I'd like to congratulate all of those who submitted entries for our T-shirt contest. There were some great designs submitted and even those that didn't receive many votes were fabulous. Entry number 3 from Samuel Espinal (SpaceToFu) won by a wide margin:



Entry number 1 from Doug Gross (seiji64) took second place with this entry (same design for front & back):

Entry number two from Donna Kaiser (greenisgood) took third place:



The first place designer will be given a $50 cash award and a free T-shirt with the winning design. The second and third place winners will also receive a T-shirt with their respective designs.

All three of the winning desings will be up-loaded to Zazzle's website and will be available for purchase at their usual rates. Once this has been done, an announcement with a link to the site will be made here. Keep watching, and congratulations winners.
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As part of the contest entry requirements, the winning designs are no longer the exclusive property of their creators.

We're working on fixing the issue with the 2nd place design. Hopefully we'll have this fixed in the near future.

The "official" designs have already been uploaded to zazzle's site and can be found under the heading of "CrowdGather", APC's parent company. This does not preclude others from "mixing & matching" elements from the winning three designs, or adding any other artwork for that matter. This may in fact increase the total cost and custom design elements would need to be uploaded by the individulals who want those products. This would be done outside of the "official" designs availabel in the CrowdGather part of Zazzle.

I'll contact the people at CG to see if we can put together a few additional design options for those who are interested. Several people have made similar requests.
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