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Great chance to get into some t5 lighting. I like 30" tanks but its sometimes a problem finding fixtures for them, heres your chance to goto high light for your 29 or 20g. ID put two of these fixtures over your 29 for 18x5 T5. ITll give you 72 watts of t5 which is probably around the same as a 65x2 PC. The bulbs are T5 NO and are 28" long so you dont get dark corners like you do with 24" t5HO bulbs or PC bulbbs. The fixtures are 18x2 ea for $36.99. You can have Nice high light for your 29 for like $74 + shipping. Comes with a nice full spectrum colormax pink bulb + a 6700k. If I didnt go HQI I would have grabbed these for my 29.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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