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Archive black and white issues of the venerable magazine, The Aquatic Gardener, are now available on DVD at the link below. The price is $25 for members and $30 for non-members.

Ever since the last Black & White issue of TAG went out of print a few years ago, we've been deluged by literally ...umm... a dozen requests for this material to be available again. Now's your chance! On one disk, get the entire archive of TAG starting from the "never-before-available" Volume 1, all the way through Volume 14 (all no longer in print). Issues, subjects and authors are all cross-referenced just as you see here. The difference is, you get the actual articles! Choose the CD-ROM if you just want 100dpi "screen-browsable" content. The DVD-ROM adds 300dpi printable PDF versions of each issue.
AGA store

Color issues are for sale in hard copy format. But perhaps, TAG will one-day make all back issues including the color issues available on DVD....

Andrew Cribb
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