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Hello Juan,
exciting! I mean, it's very important to save the informations about locality, collector and date of every collected plant.
1) and 2) may be the same species. Surely something of the Echinodorus grandiflorus group. Smaller plants of the true E. argentinensis (= E. grandiflorus in the narrow sense) doesn't have such cordate leaf bases on young leaves like this plant and have narrower leaves. The leaf stalks of the true E. argentinensis can be up to 1,5 m long.
Unfortunately a form of E. palaefolius is often sold as E. argentinensis. The flowers of this "pseudo-argentinensis" are much smaller.
2) The true E. macrophyllus doesn't occur in Your country.
Probably 1) and 2) belong to E. grandiflorus ssp. aureus = E. floribundus. But I can't exclude E. longiscapus, too.
3) "Arroyo Tarumá": belongs to E. uruguayensis. Maybe different from 4), but E. uruguayensis is very variable.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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