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Over dinner at Ghazanfar's house on Thursday before the conference started Mr. Amano said that he gets 125,000+ EURO (~2 USD) for designing and installing a tank. I don't think money is much of an issue with him.

On the note of cultural differences, I sure wish Americans were more similar to Japanese and Europeans when it comes to willingness to spend money on a high quality system. Quality hardware makes a huge, if more subliminal, difference to an aquatic system. I've personally noticed that I take more pride in those tanks I get top dollar stuff for not only because of the cost involved, but they look and feel better. Seeing Amano's equipment at AGA really sent this home. That hardware was amazing to look at even though it was dry!

I think as Americans we're so caught up in "More is Better" and think that having more lesser quality sytems is somehow better than one or few really really good systems. When our hardware is so nice that we want to look at it we tend to do better aquascaping and take better care of the system. More is not better, better is better!

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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