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Takashi Amano Pictures

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Can anyone help me.
I am a very big fan of Takashi Amano (arn't we all?) & love the beautiful aquascapes he produces. I recall about a year ago, seeing one particular picture of a aquascape by him that inspired me to have a go myself. I cannot really describe it as it would take all day, but would love to find the picture again to get some additional inspiration.

Does anyone know of a site that contains pictures of his work or does he have a site of his own?

I would be very grateful for any help.

Many Thanks & Merry Christmas

Nick.W :D
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Go to Aquarium Design Group's online shop. Order anything ADA, even the cheapest thing (you know you want to) and you will get a free copy of their 2010 catalog. Buyer beware: check with them to make sure this policy is still in effect. There's PLENTY of good reading there including guidelines on this topic. I honestly don't understand why more people haven't taken advantage of this.
Also the information you are looking for might be here:
PS: I have no financial interest in ADG or ADA.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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