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Taking pics and plants get another color

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I have a HP R707 5.1MP and i can take nice pics with it even with all in auto mode since im a complete disaster on photography.

Happens that everytime i try to take a pic to any of my tanks the upper leaves (wich obviously get more light) always appear yellow on pic; but they are green. Lower leaves appear with their normal color.

I have 216W hood with PC´s and T5 for a 53 gal tank (dunno if this will help or not).

Any recomendation, so i can take a pic and plants show the color they have ?

PS: the camera has tons of options available; i have tried to play around with it but no sucess at all (EV Compensation, White balance, ISO speed, AE metering, Adaptive Lighting, Color, Saturation, Sharpness, Contrast, AE Bracketing). I tried to mix all of this but heck.. always yellow leaves lol

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I would not use a gray card use a white card for balance. This will allow you to see any color cast. If you think about it, the white balance in your camera is just like what video guys have been facing for years. They always use a white card. However make sure it is pure white. Alot of white card can either have blue or yellow in them.

Any size card will work. Shoot on frame with the card and then take it out and balance.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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