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If the bottom of the plants are coming out ok then white balance may be better than you think. It may simply be an overexposure problem such as in this badly exposed photo of mine:

Try playing around with shutter speed and aperture and always try to underexpose your photos rather than overexposing them. A lot can be done with an underexposed photo but unfortunately very little can be done with an over exposed one.

For white balance I use a piece of white piece of plastic, anything white will work. If your camera can use stored images for custom white balance settings, you can store the white sample photo for later use, this way you can quickly set the white balance to any tank without having to retake the white frame. I have a small memory card just for this purpose and I store white balance frames for each of my tanks on it. But not all cameras work this way, some don't use stored images to set white balance meaning you have to set it each time.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio
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