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Tall Tank Setups

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I'm curious to what the tallest tank anyone has/has worked on the lighting used and which plants did well.

I recently setup a 36" high tank with a hanging MH fixture (250watt). The actual total distance from light to the substrate is about 46" and I'm happy to say I'm growing Blyxa and other stems successfully.
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My tallest tank was 25 inch tall 90g tank.

I've got 2x175w MH right above the glass, so the total distance is probably 28 inches or so above the substrate. I planted HC and it seems to be doing alright.
Hi Jeff,

My 45 tall is 24" high and I have an AH Supply 96 watt 6700K CF and my Blyxa, Echinodorus tenellus v. 'Tenellus', and stems all do really well.
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