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Cyanobacteria, aka blue-green algae, occurs from an imbalance between phosphate and nitrate. I believe that if you tested your water, you would have either 0 ppm and very high nitrate or 0 ppm nitrate and very high phosphate (~3 ppm).

I would lower the amount of lighting you are using to about 2-3 wpg. Either that, or start fertilizing nitrates, phosphates, and iron/micros. Your plants look starved.

Why did you place sand over your eco-complete? Hairgrass does not seem to need very fine substrate to grow well. My Eleocharis acicularis roots just fine in Florabase, and I had Eleocharis parvulus grow well in straight Flourite. I fear that your substrate may become anaerobic from lack of circulation (the sand acting as a cap, preventing any flow to and from the substrate).

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