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Tank Layout For Comment

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Here are some layout Ideas. Comments/Suggeustions?

Layout v.1

Slightly Different

Layout v.2




Inspired by:
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WOW those are tough choices.

I like V.1, but there is something lacking in balance on the left hand side of the tank. Needs a rock I think toward the back.

V2.3 is quite nice. I like what oyu did there.
I'd need to see it with a little greenery to make a proper judgement, but I think I like v.1, to be honest. Not sure if it was the actual first layout, or just the order of the photo's, but v.1 just seems more natural and less "thought about"...if you get my meaning. The rest seem almost like you've sat back and thought too long about what should go where, and they actually (to me, anyway) have ended up looking rather boring. But again, it may look better with some greenery...

Just my 2c.
See...Im glad I asked because for me, v1 seemed contrived whereas v2.3 (my personal fave so far) seemed more natural...

Anyone else wish to weigh in? Please feel free.
I think the truth of matter is, go with the design you like best. But I think I know where your spark lies.
I like 2.3 if you are going to follow the inspiration picture.
think im going to go with 2.3...thanks for all the help guys. Ill keep everyone posted on the progress...should be planted by this weekend...and yes the inspiration picture dictates what im going for...i was told that when trying a new scape (in this case, my first iwagumi) the best thing to do is to try and steal from someone else...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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