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Tank of the Month: February 2004

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Just wanted to drop a not saying that I for one think Ekims tank is great! I love the way its so bright, yet sort of dark and mysterious at the same time. Good job Ekim!

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Congratulations, Mike! You deserve it. :D

Wow, that's one big avatar! :shock:

Thanks for all the great support guys!
I agree. That's one big button you have there! :lol:

I am sure that it can be done, but I think that being able to use the avatar button as a quick link to the tank page would be great. I just want to push it in the middle! As far as the tank goes....Very nicely done. The photography job is not too shabby as well!
Hi guys!

The avatar thinks once the month is over. I will look into linking it to the TOTM page.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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