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Thank you everyone!

Thanks for numbering the plants, however the printed names are hard to read on my computer screen---for some strange reason. I would love to see the list typed out in another numbered form---if you don't mind----so I can "adore" your work-of-art. It's awesome.
xavier, specially for you:

Your tank is REALLY beautiful! It's so soft and peaceful looking. I love the colors! The HC on the rock is so amazing. How did you get this to do this? There must be soil up there....
Tex Gal, the HC is just tied with sewing thread to the rock, no need for soil.

29 Posts
I'm curious about your dosing, what kind of technique do you follow?
Actually, it is changing very frequent (every month or so) according to the plant mass and fauna.
This was the daily dosage I used in September:
CMS+B (26g in 1l H2O + 1.6ml HCL + 50mg Vitamin C)- 5.5ml
Flourish Excel - 15.13ml
Iron gluconate 42g + Iron EDTA 34g + MgSO4 90g + HCL 5ml + Vitamin C 500mg + H2O 1l - 3.3ml
KH2PO4 (138g in 1l H2O) - 1.32ml
KCL (400g in 1l H2O) - 7.7ml
KNO3 (333g in 1l H2O) - 7.46ml

It is all pre-prepared in monthly quantities and placed inside two containers (micro+macro) that are attached to two perasteltic pumps.

Container No. 1 (Pumped quantity - 25.42ml a day):
KH2PO4 - 34.41ml
KCL - 200.75ml
KNO3 - 194.44ml
Fertilizers - 429.60ml
Added water - 233.04ml
Total - 662.65ml

Container No. 2 (Pumped quantity - 32.50ml a day):
CSM+B - 143.39ml
Flourish Excel - 394.33ml
Iron - 86.04ml
Fertilizers - 623.76ml
Added water - 223.56ml
Total - 847.32ml

Hope it helped ;)
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