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Introduction and Background

I have been in the ornamental fish hobby for more than 20 Years now (since I was 18 ) and have gone through Cichlids, Discus, saltwater (marine + reef) and more. My introduction to planted tanks goes back 15 years ago with my first low-tech, low-light, yeast CO2 system. Since then, a lot of water and fertilizers has flown. I find this hobby and particularly aquascaping as part of me and my day-to-day life and I totally enjoy attending to my aquariums (and paludariums) for at least two hours every day. I am glad to introduce everyone to one of my tanks which was established in the end of December 2007. This tank is installed in my home office and is my largest planted tank.

About the Layout

The picture I had in mind was a combination of Dutch and nature style tank packed with green and red plants. I have chosen quartz rocks (you can barely see them today) as decoration and arranged them as high mountains with the golden ratio in mind.


Tank: Rena 1.5 meter - 450 liter (330 liter net)
Lighting: light 1.25 WPL (6 X 54W T5 + 5 X 18W Osram Mini Twist at the sides)
Chiller: Teco TR-15 Chiller
Carbon: CO2 + PH controller + 2 outside reactors
Filtration: 2 X Eheim pro 3 2028
Ultraviolet Sterilization: 36W UV
Substrate Heating: Under substrate Heating cable - Rena 15m 100W
Substrate: 1st layer Pumice 2cm, 2nd layer Pumice+peat+humus 3cm, 3rd layer JBL Aquabasis 2cm, 4th layer crushed quartz 5cm.
Water Parameters: pH-5.9, KH-1Gdh, GH-3Gdh, CO2-40ppm, NO3-15ppm, PO4-1.5ppm, 275ms, Temp.-25.5c.



Discus, Neon Tetra, Cherry and Amano Shrimp, Otocinclus, Ancistrus, Florida flag, other tetras, and few more…

Tank maintenance:

Besides aquascaping, the tank is fully automated, including:
Automatic water change (100% RO), 100% a week.
Automatic DIY fertilization with peristaltic pumps - KNO3, KH2PO4, KCL, MgSO4, CaCl2, Iron gluconate, Iron EDTA, CSM+B, Flourish Excel.


The aquarium is trimmed at least twice a week. Parts of the plants are trimmed from their upper part and part from their lower, all the time trying to maintain a nice flow of colors and density.

Final Thoughts:

The tank is constantly changing in plants species and arrangement and I will try to continue and update it on the forum.
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