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Is there a table relating volume to heater wattage needed? For a 50 gal tank, what size heater?

I'd been following the thread on heater types and the discussions of new Ebo's, etc. The overall impression appears to be that the new Ebos might not be as reliable/dependable as the older models.

Stupid question about the titanium heaters. Is the temp control external? Does it need to be mounted on the exterior?


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I have seen tables in the past and they usually not reliable. To size a heater one would determine how many degrees above ambient is required.

From Aquatic EcoSystems (bold is my own)

For every 9°F (5°C) difference, there should be 4W of heat per gallon (3.8 liters) of water. Elevated, non-insulated tanks, with a large amount of surface agitation, could require as much as 12W per gallon per 9°F. For small glass aquaria, use 8W per gallon per 9°F.
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