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Tank weight to much for floor?

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I live in an condo that was built in 1969. I currently have a 36 breeder tank (36x18x13) this tanks been up for well over a year now. Im not happy with the tank and i have two questions concerning the weight.

1. I am wanting to buy a 65 gallon tank (36x18x24) because I am not happy with the height of my current tank and the ability to grow taller plants or lack there of. Will my current stand i use be suffiecent at holding this tank.
The stand is an All glass aqurium brand stand that you find im most LFS.
The only difference is the total gallons and height of the tanks. The other dimensions are the same.

2. We live on the 2nd floor of said condo. I never really cared to think about it until my wife asked if the floor would be able to hold the weight.
the 65 gal tank will weigh well over 700 pounds. I figure that as long as the tank goes perpindicular to the floor beams it should be alright.
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if your tank and stand are laying perpendicular to the floor joists, you should be fine with the weight issue. as long as the stand doesn't have small leveling feet/pressure points. these would concentrate a lot of weight in a small location.

hope this helps.
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