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Below is an aquascape that I have been working with. Please critique the hell out of it. Be very anal if you want. I've been around long enough to pick up many things...but would like to fine tune things.

ALSO...A SECOND THING....One thing I might do with this tank is "simplify it" a bit. I have no problem with the explosion of color, but I find that having so many stem plant species can take away from the beauty of others..if you follow. What stem plants would you REMOVE from the tank?

Here is the list of all the plants in the tank:
Rotala Indica
Heteranthera zosteraefolia
Diplidis Diandra
Ammania Gracilis
Nesaea (not in the pic)
Ludwigia repens
Ludwigia Glandulosa
Ludwigia sp Cuba (not in the pic)
Limnophia aromatica
Limnophia aromatica (oriental Gardens varient....much red/purpler..cant see in the pic)
Eusteralis stellata Broad Leaf (those emersed stems that I forgot to remove from when shooting the pic)
Anubias Nana
Broad leaf Sag
Hemianthus micranthemoides


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First of all, very good job --that's a really impressive display of color in an aquascape. I like the two ridges of color you have managed to create. Almost all the plants look amazingly healthy and clean (how did you get the Anubias barteri v nana to grow without algae on the leaves at such high light levels?).

Now, for the negatives:

In the right hand corner, I would remove the Nesaea pedicellata and fill in with more Limnophila aromaticoides. The Limnophila aromaticoides seems to be doing better in your aquarium, anyways. It's not clear from the picture but the Nesaea does seem to have some curled/deformed leaves. The leaves of this plant should be straight and broad --rather close to the leaf shape of your Ammania gracilis. At least, I think that is your Nesaea.

Remove the random stems of Ludwigia repens in that corner. They are not doing anything to the overall presentation, IMO.

Let the Didiplis diandra grow a little taller near the Ammania gracilis. Try to create a more gentle sloping effect like you did on the other side. There is a bit of a drop off between the Ammania and the diandra.

I think one of the biggest drawbacks in this tank is the sense of emptiness from lack of well chosen fish. I think a school or group of fish that complements this aquascape would greatly improve it. IMO, fish choice doesn't seem to get enough consideration among most aquascapers. Pseudomogil rainbowfish, threadfin rainbowfish (I. werneri), and rummynose tetras are all possibilities. I would avoid cardinal tetras simply because the plants are already so brightly colored.

Sorry, but the danios and the chubby orange livebearer have got to go. :)

More as a possibility than as a criticism, allow the Ludwigia glandulosa to act as the darkest red plant and each successive plant away from the Ludwigia being slightly greener. You already seem to have this with the orange Didiplis diandra --> pink Ammania gracilis --> purple Ludwigia glandulosa. Let us know how it all turns out. It would be interesting to see how the tank changes when the purple Limnophila aromatica and orange-yellow hued Ludwigia sp Cuba grow out.

Keep us updated!

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the comments...most of which I agree.

...but a couple problems.
1) The mollys and danios were the first fish I got when I started my tank....before it was even planted. My wife has a name for all the fish. ..kinda hard to remove them:(

2) the repens was a plant she picked out and is rather attached to. ..when ever I talk about removing it, I hear..."you want to get rid of my favorite plant?"

*L* I'm sure I can find a way of removing or incorperating the repens a bit better. As for the fish, unfortunately, mother nature has to take its course :( long do mollys and danios live for ? :twisted:

but on the note on fish, my new ~30g cube tank with all the petites will have more carefully chosen fish. 3 scarlet badis, 1 neon dwarf gourami, 8 neon tetras, SAE, oto, cherry and amano shrimp.
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