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Test kits-Salifert/Lamotte

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This company says that the Salifert is comparable to Lamotte/Hach...

Has any one used Salifert test kits?

If so what are your thoughts on this product?

I'm looking to get a Nitrate test kit that I can trust.
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Been using a Salifert Nitrate kit for a bit now. Calibrated it with a known sample and it was dead on. Not as easy to read as Lamotte, but 1/2 the price. Also if you have questions about them they sponsor Reef Central so ther is a foum, the owner is quite forthright about answering any and all questions.
Salifert is a Dutch company if I remember right, we bought a completely bunk PO4 kit from them, and no nowhere to turn to... no contact info to even complain to...

I don't really test anymore, but when I do I use my Lamotte kit and am very happy I spent the money on it... think of it this way, 4 crappy worthless kits are about the same price as one working one...

Yep, Dutch, Made in Holland

Box has contact info on it as well a phone #.

LFS sells them, so I have a place to turn to if there is an issue.

IMHO the kit not as nice as Lamotte's. So folks will say their $1.99 kit gave same results as the Lamotte so why spend the money. Consistancy, thats why, the Lamotte will give same results batch to batch where the el cheapo special may and usually does vary batch to batch.
I like the Salifert NO3 kit better than any others. For quick tests, I would stick with Salifert, in fact. If you want something more professional, at a pro-price, Lamotte is the only option.

Andrew Cribb
I'm extremely unhappy with my Lamotte phosphate kit. I'm not sure if it is bad (although I just bought it), I'm doing it wrong, or what -- but it is extremely confusing with the ampule of distilled water and mirrors. Even adding Fleet enema to the water sample, I get a zero reading if viewed as directed through the ampule of distilled water provided. There is color in the sample if I didn't use that stupid ampule. All in all, I think it is a very difficult to use test.
Habib is the owner of Salifert. I've discussed with him the need to bring into the US the freshwater test kits. The ones available are for saltwater.

He mentioned that his capability to produce has recently been increased. He will let me know when he begins shipping the freshwater to the US.
From the Salifert Forum on Reef Central in reply to "What kits can be used in Fresh Water?" Reply is from Habib, CEO of Salifert

Some of the profi tests which can be use with freshwater are:








Some profi kits which can not be used for freshwater are:




Iodine (? not sure right now out of my head)

I saw that also but they have a line specifically for Freshwater with testing parameters within ranges we care about. That's what I was told anyway.
Thanks guys.. Sounds good Art... I think I will go with a Lamotte for now.
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