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Tex, you can't bring up a story like that without sharing the whole story...... come on, out with it.
Well... it was in high school. I was a lowly freshman. The youth pastor and his wife were surrounded by Seniors! It was at a Saturday night barn party. Since this was in VA and was the end of October we were all bundled up in jackets. As I made my way through the "A Group" I felt like somehow I was stuck. My jacket was open, zipper down. Well.. what would you do? ... that's right ... you'd pull! So I did. From behind me in the "A crowd" I heard a screem. I looked down and there was something furry hanging from my jacket zipper. ( I gotta tell you... I'm laughing right now typing this..:pound:) At first I was a little scared because I didn't know what the "furry" thing was, (after all we were in a barn). Then I looked back and saw the youth pastor's wife sitting there with her hair all pinned up and holding her head. It didn't take me long to figure out what the "furry thing" was. I walked back, cracking up, and trying to get her "hair" untangled from my zipper! :biggrin1: (Is there a polite way to hand someone back their hair?) I don't even remember what the "A crowd" reaction was. I just remember trying to stop laughing long enough to apologize.

Somehow, events like this have occurred on numerous occasions in my life. At least I don't have a dull existence! If you are around me you might want to watch out for things that can be easily dis-attached! :rolleyes::cool:
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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