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Thanks Kevin and Dave

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My thanks to Kevin and Dave for coming by Saturday and helping (doing) set up my CO2 System. All was accomplished and everything is working great. Getting good C02 dispersion and water movement with the Eheim 2217 and the Cal Aqua inline diffusor. Did a complete rescape Sunday so don't judge by these pictures,:D Just knew you'd want to see Kevin and Dave actually working.;)
PS: Orlando already has the replacement part shipped and the double checker is real easy to read.

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What me working?

That picture is photoshopped!!! I never work.
That is Kevin and Dave....69 is getting old, but still young at heart.:D
HA! If only my wife could hear you say "working" without laughing! She thinks all I do is play when it comes to aquariums. ;) Of coarse, we all know she's right... :rolleyes:

Oh, and see if you can bring me my hat at the next meeting. That's my "BlueBell Creamery" hat. ...I get 'cranky' without my bluebell... :)
Great job for helping another member out. Do you guys do house cleaning too?
They don't do windows, but might do the glass on your aquarium.
I'm not too big on house cleaning, but I think I cleaned Glenn out of his coffee and tootsie rolls. :hungry:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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