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I had such fun meeting everyone! :tea: Thanks for coming out to this neck of the woods. We had a great time. I'm sure I won't remember half of eveyone's names, but I will remember your faces. Next time - name tags please!...

Cheryl, loved your talk about fertilizing. I think you covered most to the bases. :D (Gotta do a water change!!) Your power point will help me remember it! Thanks for putting in all the time that you do in organizing, emailing, etc. I appreciate it.

Niko, hope you got to get some rest on the way home! The lights look great. I look forward to seeing them lit up on my tank. So sorry :sorry: that we had things in the way of mounting them on the back. I can just imagine how things will take off when I get the proper light in there. You are amazing in what you can do! It really is going to be top notch! What a sleek thin design!

I have one complaint! You guys left me with your give-aways! LOL (I'm not sure that I didn't end up with more than I started with!) I think I'll do a ROAK on behalf of the club! :D
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