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Thank you Pyro for the kind words.:)

We do try our best to ship as quickly and reasonably priced as possible.
We keep everything you see on our site in stock at all times, no wiating for drop ship product in any way.
Sometimes we do run out of product, but it will always be noted as "out of stock"
on the site so you dont have to worry.
Luckily we have the largest supplier of aquarium products in the USA not to far away so we do get to pick and choose what we want and dont want.
The store continues to grow every week with new product always on the way.
We did not make it to Interzoo this year, but we will make it the next go around.
Now that we are expanding, we have been considering carrying plants on a large scale.
This is possible due to 99.9% of all aquatic plants in the US come from Florida. We have FAN not to far away and a few other nursery's around the corner. So again we can pick and choose only the best quality.
Thank you everybody for all the support.

Best Regards, Orlando GLA
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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