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the $100 sale located in socal!

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Sup everyone,

Ive decided on having a $100 sale. So each of the items I list will be selling for you guessed it $100. By the way Im located in SAN DIEGO but am willing to drive up to La or meet halfway if you help out a little with the gas money. So here are the items I have for sale:

1. 40 gallon Plexi tank 36"x15"x16" Clear for life brand(still looks brand new) +
3 6500k T5 bulbs approx. 120watts of light total built into a DIY black hood with reflectors and a light timer

2. *SPOKEN FOR* 1 eheim 2026 professional II with all the media included(used 3 months)

and last but not least

3. 1 co2 setup(2.5lbs tank+milwaukee dual regulator+bubble counter+needle valve)

So there you have it those are the three items I have listed for sale. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] or you can PM me with further questions.
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The tank at its prime

The pic doesnt do the lights justice. Theyre really bright!

Hehe my shoddy worksmanship! But hey it gets the job done!

And finally the tank before it was taken down.
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tank is currently pending

eheim filter is spoken for
No one is interested in the CO2 setup?????

and the tank is still up for sale people!
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