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The Basics

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Ben Belton from the Dallas/Fort Worth Aquatic Plant Club wrote this very easy to read and very comprehensive article about the basics of keeping aquatic plants. All the information is available online but the article summarizes it and presents it in a very clear fashion. In addition the layout of the web-pages is very, very nice:

Read the article here.

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Very good article! I bookmarked it and will be pointing others to it in the future.
It is a fairly helpful article but I think there ought to be an explanation of non CO2 tanks.

Your referral to Ben Bolton's writings continues to have a very positive effect. As a new member of APC I just found your post and read his article. Very informative. Thank you for your assistance.
thanks again, Niko

This was just what I needed.
Yeah 10x ! I have learned a lot from this!
Tnaks again!:D
Good article... I learned a lot, but I still have much to learn.
real useful really basic and easy to understand:p
you know, that was really interesting. I was prepared to jump on the "what about non-CO2 tanks" thing before even reading it... but now, having read it, I think I have killed so many plants, because I have taken the wrong approach... I'm going to solicit some other opinions about this, but I want to thank you for changing my perspective on how I was looking at my constant planting problems.
Thats the type of article I spent hours looking for.
Thank-you for this wonderful link. I am wanting to expand my knowledge of plants in the aquarium. This is a great start! I would like to bring up that non-CO2 planted tanks are possible and can look spectacular. Rhonda Wilson has a wonderful site called Natural Aquariums. Feel free to check it out and discover another method of keeping planted aquariums.
This is a fantastic article and a must read for all beginners! Thanks!!!
I just discovered it just a while ago and reading few pages of it, I say this is the one I had been looking for, to help me with my two tanks and cut down my cost on plants and not killing or disintegrating the plants. This article has so much information and so easy to digest. Frankly, I say, I can understand english.
Thanks a lot mod.
Great link, great starting place for beginner like me. Thanks,
The article was easy to read and follow. Now I do not have to post questions that senior members get irritated having to answer over and over. I have had luck growing the plants I have had and now wonder what I can do with CO2 (hmmmmmmmmmmmm).

"Tanks" for the info; I am going to put it to use.

Wow.... I am a HUGE Fish Hobbyist and have toyed with Aquatic plants for a couple of months and DAMN how I wish I had read that sooner.

You guys will be seeing allot of me! My goal is to get my Plants looking as good as the rest of the aquarium!!!!

Thanks for the read!
Great Site... informative and artistic ! This is a great example of what aquascaping is all about.
Awesome style.
Good article... I learned a lot, thank you.
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