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30 gallons of low-tech cryptocoryne goodness!

30 gallon Oceanic cube
Hydor inline heater
DIY light fixture 2x15w T8, with fancy Tek style reflectors

Narrow leaf J fern

Betta Splendens
Boraras brigittae
Pseudepiplatys annulatus

This tank is a continuation of my long running 15 gallon, but I feel it deserves it's own thread as:
1) It is starting to take on it's own personality
2) I accidentally deleted most of the pics of the previous tank, making the previous thread pretty useless

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Oh what a difference the substrate can make!

In my previous tank, I was using soil capped with eco-complete as the substrate. Which I figured would be a great substrate for a low tech crypt tank... It seems it all depends on the soil. My fancy soil from the bag actually contained mostly peat moss, though I was too inexperienced to understand the difference at the time. For two years my plants sat in that stuff and struggled, and I could never get the tank to look healthy.

This time around, I'm using mineralized top soil, made with good old Portland dirt, dug directly from my back yard.

The difference has been immediately apparent...

Compare the old leaves to the new:
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